Memories from Mark

sml_RMSC Staff Grand Traverse.jpg      WOW! We must be getting soft in our old ages! THIS is what the Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp staff USED to do on our days off during summer camps. This photo shows RMSC Staff Members (Left to Right) Michele, Esse, Jeff and Mark along with the photographer, Steve Cornish, on top of The Grand Traverse (13,041 ft) above Vail, Colorado. We climbed straight up the west face on a Monday, I believe it was August 7th, in 1989.
     I remember that we got back JUST in time for the first session of camp, and we were coaching in our hiking boots! It was one of the very few times that I remember RMSC Founder and Director Artie Wachter being genuinely mad at us! 
     When I first met Esse's mother a year or so later, she yelled at me for "almost killing her son on that mountain!" Esse, however, was proud of the accomplishment and said that for sure he was the "only Iranian ever to climb to the top of that mountain."
     It may have also been the beginning of another of those famous "camp romances." Steve and Michele have been married for almost 20 years and have been coaching soccer together just as long.
     Perhaps this was the inspiration for adding hiking and climbing to our soccer camp programs. Any ex-campers remember Chimney Rock Peak at Singin' River, Ned Corbin's Grave on the cliffs above Farmers Union, or even Robber's Rock and Stinger Peak above Camp Rosalie?
Great Memories !!

Mark Perdew - RMSC Staff 1986-1991 - RMSC Director 1992-Present

Comments from Esse Baharmast

Wow , wow, wow, you blew me away with this photo and the description of crazy things we used to do. I am in Orlando where we are enjoying much more relaxed adventures of the rides of Harry potter and the spiderman at the Universal studios with my daughter and even though the roller coasters MAY seem more thrilling, in reality they can not scratch the surface of what we did and only one correction to your description : from my memory, you were the only one who got back to camp in time to greet the new campers and that is because you ran all the way down and to the ROOST Lodge, the rest of us joined you a few hours later where Artie was waiting with his blood pressure at the 250 level :)

Those were the great times my friend.