Elevation Training Center Above Victor's Gold Bowl Athletic Field

Elevation Training Center Above Victor's Gold Bowl Athletic Field

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The Historic Victor High School is now the Elevation Training Centera unique facility for High Altitude Sports and Athletic Training in the Historic Gold Mining Town of Victor, Colorado



Victor, Colorado - 9,697 Feet
- Historic Victor High School - Built in 1899
- Absolutely ideal for small group and team training.
- American Eagles Hall - Meetings, Meals and Games
- Dormitory Lodging with twin and full bunk beds
- Large bathrooms and shower rooms
- Newly renovated "Artie Wachter Field"

- 2 small artificial turf training areas
- Victor's Gold Bowl Athletic Field - Full Sized Soccer Field
- Indoor training at the Cripple Creek Recreation facility if needed - 5 miles away




          In 1985, as a college senior, I received high marks for developing a fictitious soccer camp facility in the Colorado Rocky Mountains as a project for my senior thesis.  I thought that it would be great if I had a place where kids could come to the mountains and play soccer.   In 1992, part of the dream was realized as my wife Tarla and I took over as owners and directors of the Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp.  The RMSC had
been in operation for 21 years and I had worked as a staff member for the camp since 1986. 
          Throughout its existence, the Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp had leased out various facilities to use for its Live-in Camp programs.  For 20+ years, the RMSC operated these residential camps in the Vail Valley area of Colorado, using local hotels, condos, restaurants, and playing fields.  In 1998 we "shifted gears" and started renting out actual wilderness camp facilities in Colorado, near Evergreen and Bailey. The focus and purpose of the camp changed as well during this time and we became more than just a soccer camp. During this time, we started concentrating equally as much on developing quality individuals as on developing quality soccer players.  
          As a result of these improvements to our philosophy, the Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp experience now goes far beyond the soccer field.  We use soccer and the camp as a vehicle for teaching valuable "life lessons" such as integrity, discipline and responsibility while at the same time continuing to provide a high
level of soccer education.
          Now, a vision that started over 25 years ago has become a reality.    In 2007 we purchased a property that has become the permanent home for the Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp.  The facility that we own is the old Victor High School in the historic gold mining town of Victor, Colorado.  The Victor School is a 14,000 square foot building that was built in 1899 and sits on just less than 4 acres of ground at an elevation of 9,697 feet above sea level.   We have named it the "Elevation Training Center" and the motto is "Elevate Your Game - Elevate Your Life." 


sml_DVC00194.JPG - Hiking - Mountain Climbing
- Rappelling - Horseback Riding
- Mountain Biking - Fishing
- City of Victor's Bison Reservoir
- Skaguay Reservoir SWA
- Gold Mine Tours - Victor Shops
- Victor Museums & History Tours


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- Victor is known as the "City of Mines"
- World's 5th Richest Mining District
- In the 1890's, the streets of Victor
literally paved with gold
- In 1900, Victor's boasted a population of 18,000
- Lowell Thomas, Jack Dempsey and Groucho Marx are among the famous persons who lived in Victor at one time.


          As we were searching for our own camp facility, Tarla and I became increasingly aware that our Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp needed to be a part of a community, and not just any community, but one that needed a boost economically, ideologically, aesthetically and spiritually.  When we visited Victor,
Colorado (Pop. 450), we knew that we were in the right place.  It was a town trying to find its identity and move into the 21st century with its businesses, government and infrastructure, while continuing to keep the historical gold mining heritage alive.  To say that we have been well received by the residents would be an understatement. The RMSC has had a very positive impact and been a major factor in the revitalization of
the entire town.
          The Victor School itself had not been utilized as an actual school since 1975.  When all of the students were moved to neighboring Cripple Creek, we were told that it "ripped the heart" out of Victor.
          The building sat vacant for a few years and then it was purchased and used as a nationally recognized photography school.  The rooms were eventually converted to apartments, RV sites were added, and the property was used as "transitional housing" for 20+ years.  When it came up for sale, the City of Victor considered purchasing the school, but was in no financial position to do so.
           Upon touring the facility, we immediately recognized that it would, with a lot of renovating and cleaning, work out wonderfully well.  After making my presentation to the Victor City Council, describing how we wanted to use the old school for our soccer camp business, and that it had the potential to once
again be a centerpiece for the town, I received rousing applause from the crowd gathered in the courtroom.
          Beginning with our first camp, July 9-12, 2007, ALL of the campers who have attended camp in Victor have participated in a service project benefitting the town.  Picking up trash, killing weeds, grooming the community garden and maintaining and painting the huge "V" on the side of Squaw Mountain towering
above town are just some examples of projects completed by campers at the RMSC.
          We held a dedication for the building and "Artie Wachter Field" on June 7, 2008 with many citizens and local dignitaries, including the mayor, in attendance.  When we raised a giant American flag on the school's ancient 55 foot tall flagpole, for the first time in 32 years, the townspeople wept.  The schoolhouse and flag have once again become a symbol of pride for the City of Victor.